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The Graduate School of Aviation Industry (GSAI) opened in 1995 for the top level managment in the field to help prepare specialists for the real world. With subsequent rises in demand, the Graduate School of Business Administration (GSBA) was established separately in 1998. These two schools were merged and the Graduate School of Aviation Industry and Business Administration (GSAIBA) was founded, making the new drive in the transmission of knowledge in 2007.

At present, more than 500 students have graduated from the school. Their bright presence in the jojb market has made KAU a hub, supplying managers to both the domestic and international aviation industries. Our graduates’ network expands steadily and has attracted people from a wider spectrum of industries and government organizations.

As the School’s classrooms become obviously more international, a rich abundance of diverse views continues to be broungt to our campus.

As part of real-world education, our school offers courses in aviation, tourism, IT and aerospace related fields for future leaders of the nation’s key industry and managers of numerous other vital organizations including entrepreneurial companies, established firms, government and non-profit institutions.

Judge for yourself! With its dedication to education and innovation, KAU’s Graduate School of Aviation Industry and Business Administration offers you an unparalleled opportunity to excel in your future professional endeavors.
  • 航空产业系列 (硕士课程)
    • 高科技经营专业 (Techno-Management)
    • 航空宇宙法专业 (Air & Space Law)
    • 航空交通物流专业 (Air Transport, Transportation and Logistics)
    • 航空运航管理专业 (Aviation Management)
  • 经营系列 (硕士课程)
    • 经营专业 (Business Administration)
    • 航空经营专业 (Airline Management)
    • 环境经营专业 (Tourism Management)