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Since 1952, KAU has been dedicated to promote outstanding experts in aerospace field, as aerospace stands for our affluent life in present and future.

KAU is exceedingly confident that we played significant roles in Korea¡¯s aerospace industry by fostering its experts. Building the NARO rocket and ranking the 6th place in air transportation throughout the world truly represent our great efforts.

Our curriculum penetrates overall aerospace field including aircraft and spacecraft design, flight operations, air traffic management, logistics, air and space law, and airport management. We also carry co-research with world renowned global corporations such as GE, Airbus, and, etc.

KAU is consistently pursuing for the world top-tier university in science, technology, and aerospace by allocating substantial efforts on all the education-related environment.

We warmly welcome you to KAU if you are craving for great challenge toward present and future.

Thank you.