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To Foster Global Leaders in Aviation And Aerospace

As the one and only university in Korea specializing in aviation and aerospace, KAU leads education and research in the specialized areas
Pioneering leading edge advancements in aerospace research and maintaining academic excellence, KAU fosters globally competitive professionals and leaders.

Global First-Tier University in Aerospace Education and Research

To Achieve the vision, KAU has established 3 goals and 15 strategies.
KAU is committed to selecting excellent students passionate about aviation and aerospace, expanding collaborative activities with the world's leading institutions in aerospace education and research, and leading global standards by offering competitive education and research programs.



KAU will offer multifaceted education to foster global leaders in aviation and aerospace. This wil be accomplished by :
Developing a strategic admission policy and program to attract high-caliber students.
Developing general education curricula reflecting KAU's specialties,
Upgrading upper-level courses and developing new majors that make KAU globally competitive,
Establishing partnerships with aerospace-specialized universities abroad, and
Establishing educational programs structured for producing global talent.
KAU will conduct advanced research that will lead to strengthening the global competitiveness fo the nation.The university will focus on :
Establishing leadership in aerospace research,
Expanding a high caliber in-house workforce in aerospace research,
Increasing research collaborations with domestic and international institutes in aerospace,
Producing a number of high-quality research publications, and
Increasing extramural research funds.
KAU will be a managerial organization capable of effectively resolving any internal or external administrative issues.This will be achieved by :
Providing more student-catered programs and services,
Improving the competitiveness of faculty/staff nenbers vua traububg and education,
Upgrading facilities and installing advanced systems to make KAU more competitive,
Developing various cost-effective programs that wil help keeping KAU financially sound, and
Enhancing communication among university constituents for reconciliation and harmony.