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Making our University a more spirited, positive, respectful, safe, and productive learning and working environment. To make this happen, I will start with a “Transformational Campus Enhancement Initiative.” We already have a plan in place, with input from many KAU leaders. We will experience some inconvenience in the following years due to various construction and campus groundwork, including a new on-campus housing complex. These changes will help all KAU family members feel their esteem soar. But it is just the beginning. We will even plan for future expansion.

Making our University a source of an internationally competitive workforce and great leaders, especially in aviation/aerospace and related emerging areas. The nation and the world need competitive and prepared leaders and individuals.
Technology is evolving much faster than one can imagine. New fields are emerging every year. Knowledge and training in computers, economics, and English have become prerequisites for almost all professions in this global society. We need to position ourselves to effectively adapt to these changes. To make this happen, I will start with an “Assertive Restructuring Initiative,” which will result in more effective and efficient university operation to increase adaptability to rapid changes in the nation and the world, including more autonomy and freedom with greater responsibility in each layer.

Making the University a source of innovation to serve as the nation’s growthengine for future economic development. Remembering our founder’s vision in the midst of the war, we now have greater responsibility to keep that vision and contribute to the nation’s future as well as the world’s. From black ashes, massive destruction, and being the poorest country in the world in 1952when this university was founded, Korea has risen to the world’s 10th largest economy ($983 billion in 2005) and 7th largest trader. Korea’s GDP per captia in 2005 ($20,300) is about 10 times larger than of 1979. One may say it is a miracle but there is no miracle.

It has required strong leadership and sacrifice. We cannot simply take this status for granted. We need to appreciate our leadership, respect the sacrifices made, and continue our efforts to achieve excellence. The world is rapidly changing andthere are many uncertainties in our future but we can meet these challenges. We will move KAU forward by excelling in what we do best as individuals and as a team. To make this happen, I will start with a “KAU Competitive Initiative,” which will include a merit/honor system for faculty, staff and students who contribute to innovation in learning, teaching, research, and service. It will also include a plan to provide more opportunities for research, service, and international experience for students and their mentors who excel.