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University Colour: Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue, the color of absolute prosperity, represents the highest and noble ideal of the sky. Cobalt blue symbolizes mutual trust, signifying the pure state of honesty and love. We choose cobalt blue as the university's colour in order to represent our desire to hand down a clear mind and spirit to our descendants.

University Tree: Pine Tree
All year round, the pine tree keeps its freshness and vigour, has done so for over ten thousand years. The pine tree represents a holy mind that endures the hardships caused by strong wind, dark clouds. and heavy snow. The pine tree has a cardinal relationship with man and is beneficial in every respect. We believe Hankuk Aviation University will demonstrate its righteousness and integrity like the pine tree.

University Bird: Peregrine Falcon
The Peregrine Falcon, the king of the falcons, creates a world vision from nothing, soaring over all creatures. This falcon is the picture of glory gliding through the sky with all at its command. The peregrine represents our will to broaden our horizon all over the world in the age of competitiveness.
University Flower: Lilac
The Lilac brings forth charming desire and pure feeling with its scent. The lilac can stand freezing weather and blossoms all over the land, both high and low. Everybody loves the lilac for its outstanding beauty and scent. We regard the lilac as the university flower because it symbolizes solidarity and cooperation, wishes, love and industriousness.