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Unit of Recruitment






School (Department)


School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

-Aerospace Engineering

-Aircraft Systems Engineering

-Mechanical Engineering


- No quota


- Undergraduate majors are assigned after admission

School of Electronics and Information Engineering

-Electronic Engineering and


-Information and

Telecommunication Engineering

Department of Software


Department of Materials Engineering


School of Air Transport, Transportation and Logistics

-Air Transportation


-Air and Space Law

Department of Aeronautical Science and Flight Operation


School of Business

 - Major in Business Administration

- Major in Global Aviation Management

School of Interdisciplinary Studies


Some Engineering schools/departments/majors feature Accredited Board of Engineering Education in Korea (ABEEK) programs. Foreign students who transfer to KAU can join an ABEEK program and subsequently graduate with ABEEK accreditation when all of the departments graduation requirements (e.g., completion of required courses and necessary achievements) have been met.

For more information regarding ABEEK, contact the Engineering Education Center at 02-300-0451.

Open major students choose their major at the beginning of their 2nd year after taking some basic courses for their future possible majors, general interdisciplinary courses, and preliminary optional major courses in their 1st year. Students can choose their major as they wish. However, open major students who enter the university in the 2nd semester (in September) cannot apply for the School of Electronics and Information Engineering or the Department of Materials Engineering.

Students transferring to KAU cannot graduate in four semesters if they do not satisfy all of the necessary conditions, including the completion of the Korean language course.