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 KAU Dormitory

International Eun-IkHall

The residence hall at The Korea Aerospace University is more than just a place to live. In addition to safe and comfortable surroundings, living in an adult environment with limited supervision provides students with a glimpse of what living in society is all about: interacting with people from various backgrounds, taking responsibility for personal behavior, learning how a political governing system works, and learning how to have fun ? and get along ? with friends and neighbors. From classes, to interesting programs, to spontaneous fun, the residence hall at Korea Aerospace University provides an exciting living-learning experience on campus.


Our dormitory has recently renovated and each room is fully furnished with a desk, a wardrobe, blanket, pillow, and mini book shelves. Each suite is air-conditioned and equipped with free wireless internet service.


Dormitory features

Lobby Desk / Laundry facilities / Convenience store / Fitness Center


Room Type

Double Bed / Four Bed


If you need further information please contact the housing office at rezina@kau.ac.kr.


One Room and Officetel Information

Students can find private housing such as single room apartments (called one room in Korean) and more upscale accommodations called officetels, which are very much like furnished bachelor apartments. Pricing for these types of accommodations around the university are reasonable and the selection is good. For short term stays, for example to visit the university temporarily, it is best to stay at one of the many hotels in the Shinchon (Seoul) area.


Type of Accommodation Cost Pros Cons

One Room

- Refundable deposit of minimum US$5,000

- Monthly rent ranging from US$300 to US$500 depending on location and size.

- Individually monthly bills for water, electricity, and heat are roughly US$60
- Cheapest single housing option - Unfurnished (students are responsible for their own refrigerator, washing machine, etc.)

- Kitchen, living room, and bedroom are all one room.



- Refundable deposit of minimum US$5,000

- Monthly rent from US$500 to US$700

- Monthly maintenance bill covering water, heat, and electricity of roughly US$100
- Furnished (refrigerator, washing machine, etc.)

- Usually newer buildings with better layouts and designs.
- Relatively expensive compared to One Rooms

1. Haengshin and Hwajeong Area

  15-20 minutes from Korea Aerospace University in the direction of Ilsan New City


     Express Bus (Red) #9713, #9706, #9708

     Regular Bus (Green) #7727, #7728, #77-2

2. Ilsan New City Area

  20-25 minutes from Korea Aerospace University


     Express Bus (Red) #9713, #9706, #9708

     Regular Bus (Green) #7727, #77-2

3. Shinchon Area

15-20 minutes from Korea Aerospace University in the direction of Seoul


  Express Bus (Red) #9713, #9706, #9708

  Regular Bus (Green) #7727, #7728, #77-2

To see more information about Housing, click the link ( Seoul city web site )