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From Incheon International Airport to Korea Aerospace University

Incheon Airport is located about 30 km from the University. Airport Railroad makes daily trips to Seoul and to the University. The airport railroad is located in the transportation center (on B1F). The fare from ICN to the University is about 5,000 Won.


Subway (Airport Railroad)

To come to the University, you should transfer to Gyeongui Line at Digital Media City Station.


Limousine Bus (#3300)

from Incheon International Airport to Ilsan or Hwajeong and then transfer to an Express (#9713, #9706, #9708) or Regular

(#7727, #7728) bus, which will then take you to KAU.


To Seoul from Campus


The Seoul Metropolitan Subway, located primarily in Seoul & Kyeonggi province, is the world's most extensive subway system by length. Gyeongui Line connects you to Digital Media City(Line 6&Airport Railroad),Hongik University(Line 2), Gongduk Station(Line 5), and Seoul subway station(Line 1&4). You can download the Seoul subway map at the below link.



To Ilsan Area from Campus

Haengshin and Hwajeong Area

15-20 minutes from Korea Aerospace University in the direction of Ilsan New City


Express Bus (Red) #9713, #9706, #9708

Regular Bus (Green) #7727, #7728, #77-2

Ilsan New City Area

20-25 minutes from Korea Aerospace University


Express Bus (Red) #9713, #9706, #9708

Regular Bus (Green) #7727, #77-2