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Bank in Campus - Woori Bank

Banking at Korea Aerospace University is easy and convenient because there is a branch of the Woori Bank right on campus on the first floor of the Student Building. Customers can visit the branch during regular business hours and receive service and customer care that is sensitive to students’ needs. Such services include sending money overseas, opening an account, and exchanging money from a number of different currencies to Korean Won. The staff at the on-campus branch of Woori Bank is always willing to answer questions for your convenience and peace of mind. To use any of the services listed above, students need only bring their passport.


▶Woori Bank KAU Branch
Telephone : +82-2-3158-3656

To make campus life even more convenient for students, there are two ATM machines on the first floor of the Student Hall Building. Like ATM machines all around the world, it’s possible to withdraw and deposit money at your convenience. There is also a branch of the Nonghyup Bank directly outside the front gates of campus, offering students even further choice when it comes to satisfying their banking needs. All banking services are likely to in Korean with a small amount of English service available.

To see more information about currency & credit card, click the link( Seoul city web site )