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University Medical Support Center

The University Medical Support Center is centrally located on the campus and provides daily basic medical services.

Location: Student Hall Building Room 224

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 09:00~18:00




Every incoming international students to Korea Aerospace University should purchase health insurance until completion of their study. There are two types of insurances; public(National Health Insurance) and private insurance.

▶National Health Insurance(Public)

National Health Insurance is designed for any International Students who intend to stay in Korea for more than one year under one of the D-2 and D-4-1 visa. Foreigners receive the same insurance benefits as Koreans do for the health services they use. As insurance benefits, an insured person pays 20~50% of the medical cost at a hospital or clinic and 30% of the drug cost at a pharmacy. You can appy for National health insurance at the nearest national health insurance corporation. Insurance fee is retroactive to the date when the foreigner was registered as a foreigner in Korea. Annual costs will be aproximately 500,000 Won.

International Student Insurance(Private)

International Student Insurance is offered by private insurance companies. Insured person pays whole medical costs at a hospital or clinic and costs will be reimbursed after insured person submit the medical cost receipt and related documents. There will be deductible costs and some medical services will not be covered (e.g Vision, dental, Traditional treatment and etc). Auual cost will be approximately 200,000~250,000 Won.


If you have any questions about insurance, please drop by international office(Room 317-1, Science buidling).



Most hospitals speak only a small amount of English, so for more serious illnesses it’s best to bring along a Korean friend to help you communicate. In the university area, there are three big hospitals: Ilsan Hospital, Ilsan Cancer Center, and Baek Hospital. They are located in the Ilsan New City area.  

Myongji Hospital in Hwajeong, and Yonsei Severance Hospital in Shinchon are 20 to 30 minutes away from campus by public transportation. Most hospital staff speaks only Korean with a small amount of English. However, the Yonsei Severance Hospital has a very large and competent International Clinic with dedicated service in English. The cost of using the International Clinic, however, is quite higher compared to regular Korean service. There are also a number of English-speaking medical clinics in the Itaewon area, which are also relatively expensive.

To see more information about medical care, click the link( Seoul city web site )