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 High school graduates or equivalent education


 Application Form (provided by KAU Korean Language Institute)
 Official transcript and diploma/graduation (enrollment) certificate from last school - 1 copy each
Bank statement showing deposit balance of US$3,000 or more (or equivalent amount in Chinese yuan)
Character reference and employment certificate of the reference 1 copy each
Family register copy (entire family members) 1 copy
Employment certificate and annual income statement of parents
Passport copy 1 copy
Photos (3 x 4cm) 2 copies

It usually takes two months or so for Chinese students to obtain Korean entry visa.
Therefore, those who need the entry visa should submit the required documents
at least two months prior to the term start date.


 Visa application
ㆍThose who are admitted into regular courses may obtain C-3 (short-term visitors) or D-4 (general trainees) visa.
ㆍC-3 visa is valid for up to 90 days. You should switch to D-4 visa to enroll two or more terms.

 Visa (Stay Period) Extension
Those who learn Korean at KAU Korean Language Institute should submit the below-listed documents
for extending their D-4 visa:

ㆍPassport and alien registration card
ㆍStay period extension application form
ㆍEnrollment or attendance certificate issued by this Institute
ㆍBank statement showing deposit balance of US$3,000 or more or financial support affidavit
ㆍFee: 30,000 won

D-4 visa holders are required to obtain the alien registration card.
ㆍEnrollment certificate (issued by this Institute)
ㆍ Application for alien registration (you fill out this form at Immigration Office.)
ㆍ Passport
ㆍ Color photo (3 x 4cm or passport size) 2 copies
ㆍ Alien registration fee: 10,000 won