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- The Korean Language Institute offers regular programs throughout 4 terms on a yearly basis (spring, summer, fall and winter). Each term runs for 10 weeks (180 hours).

- Classes are run for 3.5 hours (09:00 ~ 12:30 or 13:30 ~ 17:00) five days a week (Monday through Friday).

- Classes are organized into six different levels depending on the students' cultural and linguistic differences.
Stduents' levels are determined based on the results of tests taken at the beginning of each term.


- Academic Information


2018 Academic Calendar


Length of Education

Application Deadline

Level Test & Orientation


Mar, Apr, May

1 Month prior to the start of each semester

1st day of each semester


Jun, Jul, Aug


Sept, Oct, Nov


Dec, Jan, Feb

If a student does not need to get a visa, he or she will can still apply before the orientation.


Daily Schedule

09:00~10:50 (Monday - Friday)

Grammar and vocabulary

11:00~12:30 (Monday - Friday)

Writing and Speaking


Who Can Apply: high school graduate


Required Documents:

   Completed application form

    Diploma and official transcript from the last school attended

    Bank statement with minimum amount of USD 3,000

    Copy of passport

    Passport photo


Pay for your Education

    Tuition: 1,200,000 KRW for semester

   Admission fee: 50,000KRW*  *non- refundable

   Beneficiary: Korea Aerospace University

   Account Number: 1005-201-485397

   Swift Code: HVBKKRSEXXX

   Bank Address: Student Hall Building Floor 1, Korea Aerospace University