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Heat and Fluid Control Laboratory
Robot System Control Laboratory (RSCL)
Space Mechanisms and Robotics Laboratory(SMERO)
Hybrid Rocket & Advanced Aerospace Propulsion Laboratory (HRPL)
Aerospace Structural System Design Laboratory (ASSDL)

High Speed Propulsion & Combustion Control Laboratory
Spacecraft Control Laboratory (SCL)
Applied Gas Flow Laboratory
Welding & CCM Laboratory
Micro & Nano Heat Transfer Laboratory
Space System Research Laboratory
System Design Optimization Laboratory (SDOL)
Fluid Power & Motion Control Laboratory
Propulsion & Combustion Control Laboratory
Micro/multi-physics Flow Research Laboratory
Signal Processing & Autonomous Control Laboratory

Logic Circuit Laboratory
Data Mining Laboratory
Radar Signal Processing Laboratory
Parallel & Distributed Processing Laboratory
Applied Network Research Laboratory
Microwave & Radar Laboratory
Navigation & Information Systems Laboratory
Mobile Communication Laboratory
NGN Laboratory
RF Circuit Laboratory
Silicon Graphics Laboratory

Ubiquitous Technology Application Research Center