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National Defense Science and Technology Research in Satellite and Missile Fields
- Global Surveillance Research
- Divert and Attitude Control System Technology

National Space Laboratories Designated by Government
- A Smart Actuator Based Non-explosive Low-shock Separation Device
- The Development of S/X-band Antennas Applicable for Multi-purpose LEO(Low Earth Orbit) satellite systems in the Near Future
- The Development of prerequisite elementary technologies for spacecraft momentum wheel
- Analysis Technique Development of Injector Characteristics for Liquid Rocket Engine
- Development of Launch Vehicle Development Cost Estimation Model
- Combustion of Gas-Liquid Propellants in Supercritical Conditions
- Study on the Infaltable Solar Sail Technology
- Integrated Health Monitoring and Management Technology for Liquid Rocket Engines
- The study On the Focal Plane Control Method for Image Stabilization of Small Satellite
- A Study of Modulable Thrust hybrid Propulsion System for Lunar Exploration Mission

Eco-friendly and Efficient Transportation System
- Electric Vehicle and Transportation Safety Convergence System Research

Advanced Mechanical Design Technology for Five Senses Satisfaction
- A Multidimensional Design Technology Considering Perceived Quality(BSR) based on Reliability

Broadcasting, Visual and Telecommunication Technology for Regional Industry
- Advanced Broadcasting Media Technology Research

Core and Applied Technology of Smart Logistics Machine
- Light Weight Material Handling Machine Development for Improving Logistics Work Efficiency